Wednesday, January 7

Style Crush- Vanessa Hudgens

I am so in love and inspired by Vanessa Hudgens laid back boho style. She has me bringing out all of my headbands, fedora's and crochet tops Definite style envy!

Metallic Tattoos..

I am in love with the gold metallic tattoo trend this summer! Gold being my favourite colour at the moment and the colour I match with almost every outfit, this could not have come at a more perfect time. So very easy to apply and perfect for a beach day, a summer night out, a wedding, to a festival or with any weekend wear. I find every excuse to wear these!

Justin for Calvin Klein...

I can not say that I am a fan of Justin Bieber (Yes! There was a brief period in my life where I sang along proudly to "Baby Baby" and followed Justin and Selena's romance in detail- that period came to a very quick stop) Judging by social media over the last few months I would say many people have "seen the light" and have come to agree with me. But that hasn't stopped Calvin Klein from making Justin the new face for 2015. This has sent past and present JB fans into a total frenzy! Although, I must admit that he looks good (But then again so does everyone else in black and white filtering) I am still not converted. Oh well! If this doesn't put him back on the scene, nothing will.

Monday, January 5

Trust in the Kimono...

I am very far from over the Kimono trend. This ever faithful item has turned a lazy legging and t shirt day into a quick "I actually tried" look in seconds. Not just for festival goers in tiny cut off denims. Wear it out shopping, to the movies, to work or over a bikini. The Kimono never fails you! With so many designs, prints and lengths available, you can get one for every day of the week. 

Colour of the year...

If you haven't already, expect to see this colour everywhere. The colour for 2015 is Marsala, an earthy wine red.Whether it is a lipstick, a dress, your next manicure or a scatter cushion, make sure it comes in Marsala. (I will obviously wear mine with gold)

Happy New Year...

I am a sucker for the whole "New Year New Me" that comes with every January. Something about a new year excites me to start afresh, turn a new page, set new goals... I must admit that this usually only lasts until February, I am determined to make this year different.

I have never been good at setting new years resolutions as they usually carry over year after year so I am sticking to 3 main goals...
This year I want to commit to completing things (I have a bad habit of starting something but never seeing it through) I am sure that through this I will actually surprise myself of what I am capable. My second goals ties in with this well - Be more creative! After a day at work the last thing I want to do is be crafty. This year I want to challenge myself to do more projects ( I have already planned some awesome DIY projects around the house), to blog more (Yes! I will actually stick to this one this time) and to be more creative with my outfits. Thirdly, I want to finally wear a pair of jeans. For those who know me, I will never be seen in jeans- ever! Why? Because they never look good on me and make me look big and lumpy. All I want is to be able to put on a pair of jeans without worrying if my love handles are showing or if my thighs look like marshmallows stuffed into a tight stocking. This goal is not an easy one as it will require some exercise, major dietary changes and an obsession with toning classes. I am taking on the challenge as it isn't about what the scale says to me, it is about feeling comfortable in your clothes.

As everyone slowly heads back to work and the reality of the new year hits us all, good luck! Do not miss out on an opportunity to change, to challenge yourself, to do that one thing you have been dying to do forever. Let's own this year!

Thursday, January 30

This month I am crushing on...

1. Vampy lip colours

LOVE this colour!!!!!!!



2. Transparent clutches

Probably not a good idea for a person like me who can't seem to keep a handbag tidy and organised, but I love this look



3.Shoes worn with cute socks

Yes people will laugh and stare- who cares!?



4. Chunky gold chains

The bigger and the more you can get, the better. I wear this with almost every look. I love gold!


5. Alexa Chung's book- IT

I've read it about 3 times already. So inspiring! My fashion muse, icon and role model


6. Turkish delight macaroons

So addictive!!! I love macaroons and I love Turkish delight = new best thing


7. Khloe Kardashian's hair colour

Major hair envy!



8. Gisele Bundchen

For making motherhood look so damn glamorous like only a super model can


9. Gold nails

Have I mentioned how much I love the colour gold??

Wednesday, January 29

Girl Crush- Lorde

Only seventeen and she is already being spoken about by people everywhere. I love every single song on her album, she has me feeling all hard core and pretty when I sing along in traffic. She has an amazing style- gothic vampy grunge. Keeping my eye on this young beauty, she is definitely going to make it far.